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Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat CloudForms

Chapter 1. Settings Overview

The settings menu is located at the top right of the Red Hat CloudForms user interface.

To view or modify global settings for your appliance, click your username to open the settings dropdown menu, and click My Settings to modify. The availability of each menu item depends on the role assigned to your user account. For more information on roles, see Section 4.2.9, “Roles”.

The following is a list of the menu items available from the settings menu:

  • My Settings

    This menu is available to all Red Hat CloudForms users. The settings in this menu control how elements in the user interface are displayed, time profiles, and tags for the currently logged-in individual user.

  • Tasks

    This menu allows you to view virtual machine SmartState Analysis tasks that can be tracked through the console. The status of each task is displayed, including time started, time ended, what part of the task is currently running, and any errors encountered.

  • Configuration

    This menu allows you to specify enterprise, region, zone, and server settings for your Red Hat CloudForms infrastructure. Diagnostics such as logs and the status of processes are also shown here. The Configuration menu is available only to super administrators and administrators.