Chapter 4. Usage

Usage provides a targeted view of CPU, RAM, disk space, disk I/O, and network I/O for tagged virtual machines. This allows you to find which virtual machines are using or overusing resources.

There are two requirements to use this feature:

  • You must assign tags to the virtual machines that you want to collect usage data for. See Tagging Virtual Machines and Templates in Managing Infrastructure and Inventory.
  • Capacity and utilization collection must be enabled. For more information on configuring capacity and utilization charts, see Capacity Planning in the Deployment Planning Guide.

4.1. Accessing Usage Data

  1. Navigate to Cloud IntelligenceUsage.
  2. In the Options area, select a Date. More choices will display.


    • From Period, select either Day or Hour. If you select Hour, you will be prompted for which hour in UTC time.
    • From Category, select the category for the tag.
    • From Entry, select the tag from within the category that you want usage data for.