Chapter 10. Enabling Public AMIs from Amazon EC2

Alter the Main Configuration File to enable public AMIs from Amazon EC2. The following procedure makes public images viewable in CloudForms Management Engine.

  1. Log in to the appliance.
  2. Navigate to ConfigureConfigurationSettingZoneAdvanced.
  3. Select the configuration file to edit from the File list. If not already automatically selected, select EVM Server Main Configuration.
  4. Search for the get_public_images parameter:

          capture_vm_created_on_date: false
            get_private_images: true
            get_shared_images: true
                get_public_images: false        ignore_terminated_instances: true

    Configure the visibility of public images:

    • To show public images, set the parameter to get_public_images: true.
    • To remove public images from view again, set the parameter to get_public_images: false.