Chapter 6. Deprecated Technologies

The following technologies have been deprecated, and are not available in this release of Red Hat CloudForms.

With this release, the SOAP API provided in previous releases of Red Hat CloudForms has now been deprecated, and is no longer available. The REST API has provided parity with the SOAP API as of Red Hat CloudForms 3.2, and also includes new functionality provided with this release. Red Hat recommends using the REST API for all integration projects.
Ruby Scripts in Condition Filtering
With this release, the option to filter conditions for both Control and reporting based on Ruby scripts has been removed from the list of options.
Internet Explorer 9 Support
Red Hat CloudForms 4.0 is the last release to support Windows Internet Explorer 9, which will be deprecated in Red Hat CloudForms 4.1.
Red Hat Network Support
With this release, the Content Delivery Network, including both the Content Delivery Network itself and Red Hat Satellite 6, is the only supported distribution channel for Red Hat CloudForms 4.0. Red Hat Network Satellite is no longer supported.