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Chapter 7. Tagging a Bare Metal Host in Red Hat CloudForms

Red Hat CloudForms can also control policy settings of bare metal systems from Red Hat Satellite 6 through tagging. Tagging attaches levels of metadata to help define the policy rules required for a set of systems.

  1. If you have not navigated elsewhere, the InfrastructureConfiguration Management screen displays your Red Hat Satellite 6 server.
  2. Select Configured Systems from the accordion menu on the left. This displays your system list.
  3. Select one or more hosts to tag. Use the checkboxes to select these systems.
  4. Select PolicyEdit Tags. This displays the form we use for tagging systems.
  5. Under Tag Assignment, select a tag from Select a customer tag to assign and then choose a value from Select a value to assign. For example, you can tag this system as located in Chicago by selecting Location as the tag and Chicago as the value. Once selected, the user interface automatically adds this tag and value to the table below.
  6. After adding your chosen tags and values, click Save.

The bare metal system is now configured with a set of policy tags.


For more information on tags and system policy, see Defining Policies and Profiles.