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Chapter 3. Adding a Satellite 6 Provider to CloudForms

To start provisioning bare metal machines, you need at least one Red Hat Satelllite 6 provider added to Red Hat CloudForms Management Engine. The following procedure show how to do this.

  1. Log in to your Red Hat CloudForms Management Engine UI as the administration user.
  2. Navigate to InfrastructureConfiguration Management. The providers list appears and should be empty.
  3. Select ConfigurationAdd a new Provider. An empty form for your new Satellite 6 provider appears.
  4. Enter a Name for the provider. This is just a plain text name to help identify your provider in the Red Hat CloudForms Management Engine UI. For example, Satellite 6.
  5. Enter a URL for the provider. This is the root URL for the Satellite 6 server and can be either an IP address or a hostname. For example,
  6. Select Verify Peer Certificate to use encrypted communication with the provider. This requires the SSL certificates from your Red Hat Satellite 6 provider.
  7. Enter a Username for a user on the provider. Ideally, this would be a user in Satellite 6 with administrative access.
  8. Enter a Password and enter it again to Verify Password.
  9. Click Validate to test your connection with the Red Hat Satellite 6 server.
  10. Click Add to confirm your settings and save the provider.

Red Hat CloudForms Management Engine saves the Satellite 6 provider in its database and triggers a refresh of resources detected in the provider.