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Chapter 2. Red Hat Certification Self Check

2.1. Red Hat certification self check (rhcert/selfcheck) test

The Red Hat certification self check test also known as rhcert/selfcheck confirms that all the software packages required in the certification process are installed and that they have not been altered. This ensures that the test environment is ready for the certification process and that all the certification software packages are supportable.


The certification packages must not be modified for certification testing or for any other purpose.

Success criteria

The test environment includes all the packages required in the certification process and the packages have not been modified.

2.2. System report

The system report (sosreport) test, also known as cloud/sosreport, captures the basic sosreport.

Red Hat uses a tool called sos to collect the configuration and diagnostic information from a RHEL system, and to assist customers in troubleshooting their system and following recommended practices. The system report subtest ensures that the sos tool functions as expected on the image/system and captures a basic sosreport.

Success criteria

A basic sosreport can be captured on the image.

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