5.3. Bug Fixes

This part describes bugs fixed in Red Hat Certificate System 9.3 that have a significant impact on users:

In-place update of the TPS subsystem now adds the externalRegISEtoken profile to the CS.cfg file

A previous update of Certificate System added the externalRegISEtoken Token Processing System (TPS) profile to the default /usr/share/pki/tps/conf/CS.cfg TPS configuration file. However, the new configuration was not added to the /var/lib/pki/pki-instance_name/tps/conf/CS.cfg file when an administrator performed an in-place upgrade of an older TPS system. Consequently, upgraded TPS systems did not use the new configuration. This update fixes the problem. As a result, the token profile is now added automatically to the TPS configuration when performing an in-place upgrade.

Bug Fixes in the pki-core Package

Bug fixes in Red Hat Certificate System, that are included in the pki-core package, are documented in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Release Notes: