7.4. Bug Fixes

Red Hat Certificate System 9.1 has introduced the following important bug fixes:


Note that this document only contains release notes for features which are not available in the base Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 release. Many of the bug fixes in Red Hat Certificate System are in the pki-core, and those are documented in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 Release Notes.

Installing the redhat-pki package no longer requires the Server-optional repository

Previously, the redhat-pki package depended on the jss-javadoc package, which was only available from the Server-optional repository. Therefore, installation failed on systems where this repository was not enabled.
With this update, the redhat-pki package no longer depends on jss-javadoc, and therefore the Server-optional repository is not required in order to install redhat-pki. The jss-javadoc package is still only provided by Server-optional, which must be enabled using Subscription Manager before you can install the package.