Chapter 25. Removing Certificate System Subsystem Packages

A number of subsystem-related packages and dependencies are installed with Red Hat Certificate System; these are listed in Section 7.2, “Certificate System Packages”. Removing a subsystem removes only the files and directories associated with that specific subsystem. It does not remove the actual installed packages that are used by that instance. Completely uninstalling Red Hat Certificate System or one of its subsystems requires using package management tools, like yum, to remove each package individually.
To uninstall an individual Certificate System subsystem packages:
  1. Remove all the associated subsystems. For example:
    pkidestroy -s CA -i pki-tomcat
  2. Run the uninstall utility. For example:
    yum remove pki-subsystem_type
    The subsystem type can be ca, kra, ocsp, tks, or tps.
  3. To remove other packages and dependencies, remove the packages specifically, using yum. The complete list of installed packages is at Section 7.2, “Certificate System Packages”.