7.6. Setting up Additional Subsystems

After you have installed the root Certificate Authority (CA) as described in Section 7.4, “Setting Up a Root Certificate Authority”, you can install additional Certificate System subsystems.


All additional subsystems require a root Certificate Authority (CA). If you have not installed a root Certificate System CA, see Section 7.4, “Setting Up a Root Certificate Authority”.

Installing the Subsystem

To set up an additional subsystem, you have the following options:
  • Configuration file-based installation:
    Use this method for high-level customization. This installation method uses a configuration file that overrides the default installation parameters.
    You can install Certificate System using a configuration file in a single step or in two steps. For details and examples, see:
  • Interactive installation:
    Use the interactive installer if you only want to set the minimum of required configuration options.
    For example:
    # pkispawn -s subsystem
    Replace subsystem with one of the following subsystems: KRA, OCSP, TKS, or TPS.
    The interactive installer does not support installing a subordinate CA. To install a subordinate CA, use the two-step installation. See Section 7.7, “Two-step Installation”.