9.2. Using ECC with an HSM

The HSMs supported by Certificate System support their own native ECC modules. To create an instance with ECC system certificates:
  1. Set up the HSM per manufacturer's instructions. If multiple hosts are sharing the HSM, make sure they can all access the same partition if needed and if the site policies allow it.
  2. Define the required parameters in the pkispawn utility configuration file and run pkispawn. For example, to configure Certificate System to create an ECC CA, assuming the configuration file is ecc.inf:
    1. Edit ecc.inf to specify the appropriate settings. For an example of the configuration file, see the pkispawn(8) man page.
    2. Run pkispawn against ecc.inf:
      $ script -c 'pkispawn -s CA -f /root/pki/ecc.inf -vvv'