Chapter 19. Subsystem Control And maintenance

This chapter provides information on how to control (start, stop, restart, and status check) a Red Hat Certificate System subsystem, as well as general maintenance (health check) recommendation.

19.1. Starting, Stopping, Restarting, and Obtaining Status

Red Hat Certificate System subsystem instances can be stopped and started using the systemctl utility on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.
To start an instance:
# systemctl start unit_file@instance_name.service
To stop an instance:
# systemctl stop unit_file@instance_name.service
To restart an instance:
# systemctl restart unit_file@instance_name.service
To display the status of an instance:
# systemctl status unit_file@instance_name.service
unit_file has one of the following values:
  • pki-tomcat: With watchdog disabled
  • pki-tomcat-nuxwdog: With watchdog enabled