Chapter 10. Self Tests

10.1. Running Self-Tests

The Certificate System has the added functionality to allow self-tests of the server. The self-tests are run at start up and can also be run on demand. The startup self-tests run when the server starts and keep the server from starting if a critical self-test fails. The on-demand self-tests are run by clicking the self-tests button in the subsystem console.

10.1.1. Running Self-Tests

The on-demand self-test for the CA, OCSP, KRA, or TKS subsystems are run from the console. The on-demand self-tests for the TPS system are run from the web services page. Running Self-Tests from the Console

  1. Log into the Console.
  2. Select the subsystem name at the top of the left pane.
  3. Select the Self Tests tab.
  4. Click Run.
    The self-tests that are configured for the subsystem will run. If any critical self-tests fail, the server will stop.
  5. The On-Demand Self Tests Results window appears, showing the logged events for this run of the self-tests. Running TPS Self-Tests

To run TPS self-tests from the command-line interface (CLI):
  • pki tps-selftest-find
  • pki tps-selftest-run
  • pki tps-selftest-show