8.11. Viewing Certificates and CRLs Published to File

Certificates and CRLs can be published to two types of files: base-64 encoded or DER-encoded. The content of these files can be viewed by converting the files to pretty-print format using the dumpasn1 tool or the PrettyPrintCert or PrettyPrintCrl tool.
To view the content in a base-64 encoded file:
  1. Convert the base-64 file to binary. For example:
    AtoB /tmp/example.b64 /tmp/example.bin
  2. Use the PrettyPrintCert or PrettyPrintCrl tool to convert the binary file to pretty-print format. For example:
    PrettyPrintCert example.bin example.cert
To view the content of a DER-encoded file, simply run the dumpasn1, PrettyPrintCert, or PrettyPrintCrl tool with the DER-encoded file. For example:
PrettyPrintCrl example.der example.crl