12.2. Setting up the Job Scheduler

The Certificate Manager can execute a job only if the Job Scheduler is enabled. The job settings, such as enabling the job schedule, setting the frequency, and enabling the job modules, can be done through the Certificate System CA Console or through editing the CS.cfg file.
To turn the Job Scheduler on:
  1. Open the Certificate Manager Console.
    pkiconsole https://server.example.com:8443/ca
  2. In the Configuration tab navigation tree, click Job Scheduler.
    This opens the General Settings tab, which shows whether the Job Scheduler is currently enabled.
  3. Click the Enable Jobs Schedule checkbox to enable or disable the Job Scheduler.
    Disabling the Job Scheduler turns off all the jobs.
  4. Set the frequency which the scheduler checks for jobs in the Check Frequency field.
    The frequency is how often the Job Scheduler daemon thread wakes up and calls the configured jobs that meet the cron specification. By default, it is set to one minute.


    The window for entering this information may be too small to see the input. Drag the corners of the Certificate Manager Console to enlarge the entire window.
  5. Click Save.