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3.4. Configuring Profiles to Enable Renewal

This section discusses how to set up profiles for certificate renewals. For more information on how to renew certificates, see Section 5.5, “Renewing Certificates”.
A profile that allows renewal is often accompanied by the renewGracePeriodConstraint entry. For example:
policyset.cmcUserCertSet.10.constraint.class_id=renewGracePeriodConstraintImpl Grace Period Constraint
policyset.cmcUserCertSet.10.default.class_id=noDefaultImpl Default

3.4.1. Renewing Using the Same Key

A profile that allows the same key to be submitted for renewal has the allowSameKeyRenewal parameter set to true in the uniqueKeyConstraint entry. For example:
policyset.cmcUserCertSet.9.constraint.class_id=uniqueKeyConstraintImpl Key Constraint
policyset.cmcUserCertSet.9.default.class_id=noDefaultImpl Default

3.4.2. Renewal Using a New Key

To renew a certificate with a new key, use the same profile with a new key. Certificate System uses the subjectDN from the user signing certificate used to sign the request for the new certificate.