9.8. Manually Reviewing the Certificate Status Using the Web Interface

  1. Open the following URL in a web browser:
  2. Authenticate as an agent. For information about authenticating as a user and configuring your browser, see Section 2.4.1, “Browser Initialization”.
  3. On the sidebar on the left, click the List requests link.
  4. Filter the requests by selecting Show all requests for Request type and Show pending requests for Request status.
  5. Click Find in the lower right corner.
  6. The results page lists all pending requests waiting for review. Click on the request number to review a request.
  7. Review the request information and ensure that it is a legitimate request. If necessary, modify the policy information to correct any mistakes or make any desired changes to the certificate, such as changing the not valid after field. Optionally, leave an additional note.
    The drop down menu includes several review status updates. Select Approve request to approve the request or Reject request to deny it, and click Submit. Organizations can subscribe semantic differences to Reject request and Cancel Request; both result in no certificate being issued.