9.7. Manually Reviewing the Certificate Status Using the Command Line

To review certificate requests, ensure that you are authenticated as an agent with proper permissions to approve certificate requests. For details about configuring the pki command-line interface, see Section, “pki CLI Initialization”.
To review the requests:
  1. Display the list of pending certificate requests:
    $ pki agent_authentication_parameters ca-cert-request-find --status pending
    This command lists all pending certificate requests.
  2. Download a particular certificate request:
    $ pki agent_authentication_parameters ca-cert-request-review id --file request.xml
  3. Open the request.xml file in an editor or a separate terminal, and review the contents of the request to ensure it is legitimate. Then answer the prompt: if the request is valid, answer "approve and press Enter. If the request is invalid, answer reject and press Enter. Organizations can subscribe semantic differences to reject and cancel; both result in no certificate being issued.