Chapter 18. Determining Certificate System Product Version

The Red Hat Certificate System product version is stored in the /usr/share/pki/CS_SERVER_VERSION file. To display the version:
# cat /usr/share/pki/CS_SERVER_VERSION
Red Hat Certificate System 9.4 (Batch Update 3)
To find the product version of a running server, access the following URLs from your browser:
  • http://host_name:port_number/ca/admin/ca/getStatus
  • http://host_name:port_number/kra/admin/kra/getStatus
  • http://host_name:port_number/ocsp/admin/ocsp/getStatus
  • http://host_name:port_number/tks/admin/tks/getStatus
  • http://host_name:port_number/tps/admin/tps/getStatus


Note that each component is a separate package and thus could have a separate version number. The above will show the version number for each currently running component.