11.4. Configuring a Mail Server for Certificate System Notifications

The notifications and jobs features use the mail server configured in the Certificate System CA instances to send notification messages.
Before you start setting up the mail server, ensure the following parameters are specified in the CS.cfg configuration file:
Set up a mail server by doing the following:
  1. Open the CA subsystem administrative console. For example:
    pkiconsole https://server.example.com:8443/ca
  2. In the Configuration tab, highlight the instance name at the top, and select the SMTP tab.
  3. Supply the server name and port number of the mail server.
    The server name is the fully qualified DNS hostname of the machine on which the mail server is installed, such as mail.example.com. By default, the hostname of the mail server is localhost instead of the actual hostname.
    The default port number on which the SMTP mail server listens is 25.
  4. Click Save.