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Chapter 22. Upgrading Certificate System 10 to the latest minor version

To upgrade Red Hat Certificate System 10.0 to the latest minor version, for example 10.1, you need to update the packages and the configuration files.
  1. Upgrade all packages on the server:
    # yum update
    During the update, Certificate System configuration files, such as /etc/pki/instance_name/subsystem/CS.cfg and /etc/pki/instance_name/server.xml, are automatically modified to the new version.
    Log files generated during the Certificate System upgrade are:
    • /var/log/pki/pki-server-upgrade-version.log
    • /var/log/pki/pki-upgrade-version.log
    Note that the version number in the log file's name represent the pki* package version and not the Certificate System version.


    If Directory Server is installed on a different host, additionally update all packages on that host as well. For details about updating Directory Server, see:
  2. Restart the Certificate System instance:
    # systemctl restart pki-tomcatd@instance_name.service


To migrate from a lower major version, such as 9.7, to Certificate System 10, see Chapter 21, Upgrading from Certificate System 9 to Certificate System 10.