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Chapter 11. Setting up PKI ACME Responder

This chapter describes the installation and initial configuration on an ACME responder on a PKI server that already has a CA subsystem.


The following assumes you installed the CA with the default instance name (i.e. pki-tomcat).
For information on how to manage PKI ACME Responder, see the Managing PKI ACME Responder chapter in the Red Hat Certificate System Administration Guide.

11.1. Installing PKI ACME Responder

To install PKI ACME Responder on your PKI server,
  1. First download and install the pki-acme RPM package:
    $ dnf install pki-acme
  2. Create an ACME responder in a PKI server instance using the following command:
    $ pki-server acme-create
This creates the initial configuration files in the /etc/pki/pki-tomcat/acme directory.
For more information, see the pki-server-acme manpage.