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Appendix A. Revision History

Note that revision numbers relate to the edition of this manual, not to version numbers of Red Hat Certificate System.
Revision History
Revision 10.3-0Tue Feb 22 2022Florian Delehaye
Various fixes for 10.3.
Revision 10.2-0Wed Jul 14 2021Florian Delehaye
Various fixes for 10.2.
Revision 10.1-2Fri Feb 27 2021Florian Delehaye
Corrections for setting up HSMs in FIPS mode and various minor edits.
Revision 10.1-1Mon Jan 25 2021Florian Delehaye
Various fixes and improvements.
Revision 10.1-0Wed Dec 3 2020Florian Delehaye
Red Hat Certificate System 10.1 release of the guide.
Revision 10.0-1Tues Nov 3 2020Florian Delehaye
Added Upgrade and Migration procedures for RHCS 10.
Revision 10.0-0Thur Sep 17 2020Florian Delehaye
Red Hat Certificate System 10.0 release of the guide.