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6.8. Attaching a Red Hat Subscription and Enabling the Certificate System Package Repository

Before you can install and update Certificate System, you must enable the corresponding repository:
  1. Attach the Red Hat subscriptions to the system:
    Skip this step, if your system is already registered or has a subscription that provides Certificate Server attached.
    1. Register the system to the Red Hat subscription management service.
      You can use the --auto-attach option to automatically apply an available subscription for the operating system.
      # subscription-manager register --auto-attach
      The system has been registered with id: 566629db-a4ec-43e1-aa02-9cbaa6177c3f
      Installed Product Current Status:
      Product Name:           Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
      Status:                 Subscribed
    2. List the available subscriptions and note the pool ID providing the Red Hat Certificate System. For example:
      # subscription-manager list --available --all
      Subscription Name:   Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite
      Provides:            ...
                           Red Hat Certificate System
      Pool ID:             7aba89677a6a38fc0bba7dac673f7993
      Available:           1
      In case you have a lot of subscriptions, the output of the command can be very long. You can optionally redirect the output to a file:
      # subscription-manager list --available --all > /root/subscriptions.txt
    3. Attach the Certificate System subscription to the system using the pool ID from the previous step:
      # subscription-manager attach --pool=7aba89677a6a38fc0bba7dac673f7993
      Successfully attached a subscription for: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite
  2. Enable the Certificate System repository:
    # subscription-manager repos --enable certsys-10.x-for-rhel-8-x86_64-rpms
    Where x denotes the latest Certificate System version. For example, to enable the Certificate System repository for RHCS 10.3, please use the below command:
    # subscription-manager repos --enable certsys-10.3-for-rhel-8-x86_64-rpms
    Repository 'certsys-10.3-for-rhel-8-x86_64-rpms' is enabled for this system.
  3. Enable the Certificate System module stream:
    # dnf module enable redhat-pki
Installing the required packages is described in the Chapter 7, Installing and Configuring Certificate System chapter.


For compliance, only enable Red Hat approved repositories. Only Red Hat approved repositories can be enabled through subscription-manager utility.