Chapter 6. What to do next?

As a storage administrator, once you have installed and configured Red Hat Ceph Storage 5, you are ready to perform "Day Two" operations for your storage cluster. These operations include adding metadata servers (MDS) and object gateways (RGW), and configuring services such as iSCSI and NFS.

For more information about how to use the cephadm orchestrator to perform "Day Two" operations, refer to the Red Hat Ceph Storage 5 Operations Guide.

To deploy, configure, and administer the Ceph Object Gateway on "Day Two" operations, refer to the Red Hat Ceph Storage 5 Object Gateway Guide.

6.1. Troubleshooting upgrade error messages

The following table shows some cephadm upgrade error messages. If the cephadm upgrade fails for any reason, an error message appears in the storage cluster health status.

Error MessageDescription


Ceph requires both active and standby manager daemons in order to proceed, but there is currently no standby.


Ceph was unable to pull the container image for the target version. This can happen if you specify a version or container image that does not exist (e.g., 1.2.3), or if the container registry is not reachable from one or more hosts in the cluster.