Appendix G. Purging the Ceph dashboard using Ansible

If you no longer want the dashboard installed, use the purge-dashboard.yml playbook to remove the dashboard. You might also want to purge the dashboard when troubleshooting an issue with the dashboard or its components.


  • Red Hat Ceph Storage 4.3 or later.
  • Ceph-ansible shipped with the latest version of Red Hat Ceph Storage.
  • Sudo-level access to all nodes in the storage cluster.


  1. Log in to the Ansible administration node.
  2. Navigate to the /usr/share/ceph-ansible/ directory:


    [ansible@admin ~]$ cd /usr/share/ceph-ansible/

  3. Run the Ansible purge-dashboard.yml playbook, and when prompted, type yes to confirm purging of the dashboard:


    [ansible@admin ceph-ansible]$ ansible-playbook infrastructure-playbooks/purge-dashboard.yml -i hosts -vvvv


  • Run the ceph mgr services command to verify dashboard is no longer running:


    ceph mgr services

    The dashboard URL is not displayed.

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