Chapter 5. Deprecated functionality

This section provides an overview of functionality that has been deprecated in all minor releases up to this release of Red Hat Ceph Storage.

Ubuntu is no longer supported

Installing a Red Hat Ceph Storage 4 cluster on Ubuntu is no longer supported. Use Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the underlying operating system.

5.1. The ceph-ansible Utility

Configuring iSCSI gateway using ceph-ansible is no longer supported

Configuring the Ceph iSCSI gateway by using the ceph-ansible utility is no longer supported. Use ceph-ansible to install the gateway and then use either the gwcli utility of the Red Hat Ceph Storage Dashboard to configure the gateway. For details, see the Using the Ceph iSCSI Gateway chapter in the Block Device Guide for Red Hat Ceph Storage 4.

5.2. The ceph-disk Utility

ceph-disk is deprecated

With this release, the ceph-disk utility is no longer supported. The ceph-volume utility is used instead. For details, see the Why does ceph-volume replace `ceph-disk` section in the Administration Guide for Red Hat Ceph Storage 4.

5.3. RADOS

FileStore is no longer supported in production

The FileStore OSD back end is now deprecated because the new BlueStore back end is now fully supported in production. For details, see the How to migrate the object store from FileStore to BlueStore section in the Red Hat Ceph Storage 4 Installation Guide.

Ceph configuration is now deprecated

The Ceph configuration file (ceph.conf) is now deprecated in favor of new centralized configuration stored in Monitors. For details, see the Configuration is now stored in Monitors accessible by using `ceph config` release note.