Chapter 6. Bug fixes

This section describes bugs with significant impact on users that were fixed in this release of Red Hat Ceph Storage. In addition, the section includes descriptions of fixed known issues found in previous versions.

6.1. The ceph-ansible Utility

The Ansible playbook no longer takes hours to complete the fuser command

Previously, on a system running thousands of processes, the fuser command in the Ansible playbook could take several minutes or hours to complete because it iterates over all PID present in the /proc directory. Because of this, the handler tasks take a long time to complete checking if a Ceph process is already running. With this update, instead of using the fuser command, the Ansible playbook now checks the socket file in the /proc/net/unix directory, and the handler tasks that check the Ceph socket completes almost instantly.


The purge-docker-cluster.yml Ansible playbook no longer fails

Previously, the purge-docker-cluster.yml Ansible playbook could fail when trying to unmap RADOS Block Devices (RBDs) because either the binary was absent, or because the Atomic host version provided was too old. With this update, Ansible now uses the sysfs method to unmap devices if there are any, and the purge-docker-cluster.yml playbook no longer fails.


6.2. Object Gateway

The Expiration, Days S3 Lifecycle parameter can now be set to 0

The Ceph Object Gateway did not accept the value of 0 for the Expiration, Days Lifecycle configuration parameter. Consequently, setting the expiration to 0 could not be used to trigger background delete operation of objects. With this update, Expiration, Days can be set to 0 as expected.


Archive zone fetches the current version of the source objects

An object is synced from multiple source zones to archive zone. This behavior can lead to different versions of the same object on the archive zone. This update eliminates duplicate versions from getting created by ensuring that the archive zone fetches the current version of the source object.


6.3. RADOS

A message to set expected_num_objects is no longer shown when using BlueStore

With this update, a message that recommends setting the expected_num_obejcts parameter during the creation of the BlueStore pools has been removed because this message does not apply when using the BlueStore OSD back end.


Deprecated JSON fields have been removed

This update removes deprecated fields from the JSON output of the ceph status command.