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Chapter 1. Introduction

Welcome to the Ceph Object Gateway for Production guide. This guide covers topics for building Ceph Storage clusters and Ceph Object Gateway clusters for production use.

1.1. Audience

This guide is for those who intend to deploy a Ceph Object Gateway environment for production. It provides a sequential series of topics for planning, designing and deploying a production Ceph Storage cluster and Ceph Object Gateway cluster with links to general Ceph documentation where appropriate.

1.2. Assumptions

This guide assumes the reader has a basic understanding of the Ceph Storage Cluster and the Ceph Object Gateway. Readers with no Ceph experience should consider setting up a small Ceph test environment or using the Ceph Sandbox Environment to get familiar with Ceph concepts before proceeding with this guide.

This guide assumes a single-site cluster consisting of a single Ceph Storage cluster and multiple Ceph Object Gateway instances in the same zone. This guide assumes the single-site cluster will expand to a multi-zone and multi-site cluster by repeating the procedures in this guide for each zone group and zone with the naming modifications required for secondary zone groups and zones.

1.3. Scope

This guide covers the following topics when setting up a Ceph Storage Cluster and a Ceph Object Gateway for production:


This document is intended to complement the hardware, installation, administration and Ceph Object Gateway guides. This guide does not replace the other guides.