Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Ceph Storage

Chapter 1. Creating Ceph Pools

By default, Ceph block devices use the rbd pool. You may use any available pool. The following example creates pools for Cinder, Cinder backups, Glance and Nova respectively. Ensure the Ceph cluster is running, then create the pools.

Red Hat recommends using the Ceph Placement Group’s per Pool Calculator to calculate a suitable number of placement groups for the pools. See the Pools chapter in the Storage Strategies guide for Red Hat Ceph Storage 3 for details on creating pools. In the following example, 128 is the number of placement groups.

# ceph osd pool create volumes 128
# ceph osd pool create backups 128
# ceph osd pool create images 128
# ceph osd pool create vms 128