Chapter 1. Red Hat build of Quarkus

Red Hat build of Quarkus is a Kubernetes-native Java stack that is optimized for use with containers and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Quarkus is designed to work with popular Java standards, frameworks, and libraries such as Eclipse MicroProfile, Apache Kafka, RESTEasy (JAX-RS), Hibernate ORM (JPA), Spring, Infinispan, and Apache Camel.

The Quarkus dependency injection solution is based on CDI (contexts and dependency injection) and includes an extension framework to expand functionality and to configure, boot, and integrate a framework into your application.

Quarkus provides a container-first approach to building Java applications. This approach makes it much easier to build microservices-based applications written in Java as well as enabling those applications to invoke functions running on serverless computing frameworks. For this reason, Quarkus applications have small memory footprints and fast startup times.