Chapter 12. Packaging and running your Quarkus application

After you compile your Quarkus project, you can package it in a JAR file and run it from the command line.


  • You have compiled your Quarkus project.


  1. To package your Quarkus project, enter the following command in the root directory:

    ./mvnw clean package

    This command produces the following JAR files in the /target directory:

    • config-quickstart-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar: Contains the classes and resources of the projects. This is the regular artifact produced by the Maven build.
    • config-quickstart-1.0-SNAPSHOT-runner.jar: Is an executable JAR file. Be aware that this file is not an uber-JAR file because the dependencies are copied into the target/lib directory.
  2. If development mode is running, press CTRL+C to stop development mode. If you do not do this, you will have a port conflict.
  3. To run the application, enter the following command:

    java -jar target/config-quickstart-1.0-SNAPSHOT-runner.jar

    The Class-Path entry of the MANIFEST.MF file from the runner JAR file explicitly lists the JAR files from the lib directory. If you want to deploy your application from another location, you must copy the runner JAR file as well as the lib directory.