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Chapter 5. Red Hat build of Quarkus supported platforms, configurations, extensions, and dependencies

5.1. Supported extensions, dependencies and plugins

The following supported extensions are added in Red Hat build of Quarkus 1.11:

  • Quarkus Micrometer
  • Quarkus OpenID Connect Client
  • Quarkus OpenID Connect Client Filter
  • Quarkus Resteasy Multipart

For a list of Red Hat build of Quarkus extensions, dependencies, and plugins that Red Hat supports for use in production environments see the Red Hat build of Quarkus Component Details page (login required).

5.2. Development support

Red Hat provides development support for the following Red Hat build of Quarkus features, plug-ins, extensions, and dependencies:


  • Live development mode
  • Remote development mode
  • Dev UI


  • protobuf-maven-plugin