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Chapter 8. Known issues

This section lists known issues with Red Hat build of Quarkus 1.11.

  • Issue #11633 Missing zero-configuration solution for OpenShift Serverless. This issue affects only deployment of Quarkus native Serverless applications.
  • QUARKUS-697 Default method fallback does not work when using MicroProfile HTTP Client in native mode.
  • QUARKUS-719 Quarkus Reactive PG Client displays a Fail to read any response from the server, the underlying connection might get lost unexpectedly error message when trying to use a database connection connection from pgPool even when the connection is available.
  • QUARKUS-1062 Release-candidate artifacts of microprofile-openapi are included in the final release Maven repository.
  • QUARKUS-1065 The time that Quarkus applications take to stop increased unexpectedly.
  • QUARKUS-1066 The time that Quarkus applications take to reload increased unexpectedly.
  • QUARKUS-1140 Source-to-Image (S2I) builds of Quarkus applications on OpenShift Container Platform on IBM Z fail when using the latest versions of the openj9/openj9-11-rhel8 base image.