MicroShift is Developer Preview software only. For more information about the support scope of Red Hat Developer Preview software, see Developer Preview Support Scope.

Chapter 1. Understanding Red Hat build of MicroShift

Get an overview of what you can do with Red Hat build of MicroShift, a Kubernetes distribution derived from OpenShift Container Platform that is designed for optimizing small form factor devices and edge computing.

1.1. About Red Hat build of MicroShift

Working with resource-constrained field environments and hardware presents many challenges not experienced with cloud computing. Red Hat build of MicroShift enables you to solve problems for edge devices by:

  • Running the same Kubernetes workloads you run in the cloud, but at the edge.
  • Overcoming the operational challenge of minimal system resources.
  • Addressing the environmental challenges of severe networking constraints such as low or no connectivity.
  • Meeting the physical constraint of hard-to-access locations by installing your system images directly on edge devices.
  • Building on and integrating with edge-optimized operating systems such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) for Edge.

Red Hat build of MicroShift has the simplicity of single-node deployment with the functions and services you need for computing in resource-constrained locations. You can have many deployments on different hosts, creating the specific system image needed for each of your applications.