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Chapter 1. Required Infrastructure Component Versions

When you work with Red Hat build of Eclipse Vert.x, you can use the following components. However, Red Hat does not provide support for components listed below except Red Hat OpenShift cluster.

Required components
The following components are required to build and develop applications using Eclipse Vert.x.
Component nameVersion


3.6.0 or later


8 or 11

[a] A full JDK installation is required, as JRE does not provide tools for compiling Java applications from source.
Optional components
Red Hat recommends using the following components depending on your development and production environments.
Component nameVersion


2.0 or later

OpenShift Maven Plugin


oc command line tool

3.11 or later[a]

Access to a Red Hat OpenShift cluster[b]

3.11 or later

[a] The version of the oc CLI tool should correspond to the version of OCP that you are using.
[b] OpenShiftCluster is supported by Red Hat