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Chapter 4. Release components

4.1. Supported Artifacts introduced in this release

The following artifacts have been moved from Technology Preview to fully supported in this release:

  • vertx-auth-webauthn
  • vertx-config-vault
  • vertx-sql-client-templates
  • vertx-web-api-contract

4.2. Technology Preview artifacts introduced in this release

The following artifacts are provided as Technology Preview in this release.

  • vertx-mssql-client

    The Eclipse Vert.x reactive MSSQL client is a client for Microsoft SQL server. It is an API that helps in database scalability and has low overhead. Since the API is reactive and non-blocking you can handle multiple database connections with a single thread.

  • vertx-http-proxy

    The Eclipse Vert.x HTTP proxy is a reverse proxy. Using this module you can easily create proxies. The proxy server can also dy­nam­i­cally re­solve the DNS queries from ori­gin server.

  • vertx-web-proxy

    The Eclipse Vert.x web proxy enables you to mount an Eclipse Vert.x HTTP proxy in an Eclipse Vert.x web router.

  • vertx-opentelemetry

    Open Telemetry tracing is supported. You can use Open Telemetry for HTTP and event bus tracing.

  • vertx-web-sstore-infinispan

    This Eclipse Vert.x web ses­sion stor­e enables you to save session data in an Infinispan cache. The module is implemented on the In­fin­is­pan client so you can use it with either stand alone or clus­tered Eclipse Vert.x ap­plications.

  • vertx-auth-webauthn

    The Eclipse Vert.x authentication module io.vertx.ext.auth.AuthProvider interface has been split into two new interfaces:

    • io.vertx.ext.auth.authentication.AuthenticationProvider
    • io.vertx.ext.auth.authorization.AuthorizationProvider

      Authentication is a new feature in Eclipse Vert.x 4. In earlier releases, you could only check if a user was authorized to perform the tasks on the User object. This meant that the provider was responsible for both authentication and authorization of the user.

      In Eclipse Vert.x 4, the User object instances are not associated with a particular authentication provider. So you can authenticate and authorize a user using different providers.

  • vertx-opentracing

    Eclipse Vert.x 4 supports distributed tracing. You can use tracing to monitor microservices and identify performance issues.

    Eclipse Vert.x 4 integrates with OpenTracing system.

    The following Eclipse Vert.x components can log traces:

    • HTTP server and HTTP client
    • Eclipse Vert.x SQL client
    • Eclipse Vert.x Kafka client


      For more information about the support scope of Red Hat Technology Preview features, see Technology Preview Features Support Scope.

4.3. Artifacts removed in this release

No artifacts are removed in this release.

4.4. Artifacts deprecated in this release

No artifacts are marked as deprecated in this release.