Chapter 3. 15 February 2024

This release includes several enhancements, additions, and fixes that have been implemented in Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed.

3.1. New features and enhancements

  • Model customization

    Organization administrators can now create and use fine-tuned, custom models that are trained on your organization’s existing Ansible content. With this capability, you can tune the models to your organization’s automation patterns and improve the code recommendation experience.

    You can configure multiple custom models for your organization. For example, you can create a custom model for your corporate IT automation team and a different one for your engineering team’s infrastructure. You can also configure a custom model to make it available for all Ansible users or select Ansible users in your organization. For more information, see Configuring custom models.

  • Streamlined the setup process

    Previously, organization administrators had to assign seat licenses to users so that they could access Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed. With the new subscription plans from IBM watsonx Code Assistant, organization administrators no longer need to manage access to Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed by assigning or removing seat licenses.