Chapter 5. Setting up an automation controller token

Automation controller must contain a project based on a repository with certain playbooks designed to work with the Event-Driven Ansible rulebooks. Automation controller must also have corresponding job templates set up based on the playbooks in that project.

5.1. Setting up a token to authenticate to Ansible Automation Platform Controller


  • You are logged in to the Event-Driven Ansible controller Dashboard as a Content Consumer.
  • You have created a user.
  • You can log in to the Event-Driven Ansible controller Dashboard or you are added as a user in the organization.


  1. Go to the Event-Driven Ansible controller Dashboard.
  2. From the top navigation panel, select your profile.
  3. Go to User details.
  4. Select Controller TokensCreate controller token.
  5. Insert the following:

    Insert the name.
    This field is optional.

    Create the token in automation controller. For more information about creating the token, see the Users - Tokens section of the Automation controller User Guide.


    The token must be in write-scope.

  6. Select Create controller token.

After saving the new token, you are brought to the Controller Tokens tab where you can delete the token.