Chapter 5. Ansible content migration

If you are migrating from an ansible-core version to ansible-core 2.13, consider reviewing Ansible core Porting Guides to familiarize yourself with changes and updates between each version. When reviewing the Ansible core porting guides, ensure that you select the latest version of ansible-core or devel, which is located at the top left column of the guide.

For a list of fully supported and certified Ansible Content Collections, see Ansible Automation hub on

5.1. Migrating your Ansible playbooks and roles to Core 2.13

When you are migrating from non collection-based content to collection-based content, you should use the Fully Qualified Collection Names (FQCN) in playbooks and roles to avoid unexpected behavior.

Example playbook with FQCN:

- name: get some info
    region: "{{ec2_region}}"
  register: all_the_info
  delegate_to: localhost
  run_once: true

If you are using ansible-core modules and are not calling a module from a different Collection, you should use the FQCN ansible.builtin.copy.

Example module with FQCN:

- name: copy file with owner and permissions
  src: /srv/myfiles/foo.conf
  dest: /etc/foo.conf
  owner: foo
  group: foo
  mode: '0644'