Chapter 3. Reviewing Automation execution environments with Automation content navigator

As a content developer, you can review your automation execution environment with Automation content navigator and display the packages and collections included in the automation execution environments. Automation content navigator runs a playbook to extract and display the results.

3.1. Reviewing Automation execution environments from Automation content navigator

You can review your Automation execution environments with the Automation content navigator text-based user interface.


  • automation execution environments


  1. Review the automation execution environments included in your Automation content navigator configuration.

    $ ansible-navigator images
    List of automation execution environments
  2. Type the number of the automation execution environment you want to delve into for more details.

    Automation execution environment details

    You can review the packages and versions of each installed automation execution environment and the Ansible version any included collections.

  3. Optional: pass in the automation execution environment that you want to use. This becomes the primary and is the automation execution environment that Automation content navigator uses.

    $ ansible-navigator images --eei


  • Review the automation execution environment output.

    Automation execution environment output