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Chapter 9. June 2021 release

9.1. Red Hat Insights for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Insights for Ansible Automation Platform gives you feedback about your automation deployments through insights and governance which allow you to view information about automation health, usage, and performance across your enterprise.

This release introduces the automation savings planner to Insights for Ansible Automation Platform. The automation savings planner is a tool where users can track their automation efforts by creating automation savings plans, each with a defined set of tasks needed to complete their plans. Users can also view a calculation of their cost savings from automating these tasks.

  • Create an automation savings plan by specifying a list of tasks needed to complete an automation job.
  • Review the status of the various automation savings plans in your organization using the planner list view.
  • Link a job template to an associated automation savings plans.
  • Calculate the cost and monetary savings for an automation savings plan by reviewing the Statistics view in each plan.