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Chapter 8. July 2021 release

8.1. Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 1.2.4

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform simplifies the development and operation of automation workloads for managing enterprise application infrastructure lifecycles. It works across multiple IT domains including operations, networking, security, and development, as well as across diverse hybrid environments. Simple to adopt, use, and understand, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform provides the tools needed to rapidly implement enterprise-wide automation, no matter where you are in your automation journey.

Bug fixes

  • Added the ability for Ansible Automation Platform 1.2.x to transition from venvs to execution environments smoothly to platform 2.x This includes three new awx-manage commands, check associations, and export venvs for building an execution environment.
  • Added Ansible 2.9.25 to the platform installer package
  • Fixed Tower’s NGINX Instance vulnerability (CVE-2021-23017). For any deployments on RHEL 8, the package comes from RHEL, and just applying the RHEL update resolves this.
  • Updated the backup and restore to now work without the automationhub group

8.2. Automation Hub 4.2.4

Automation Hub allows you to discover and utilize new certified automation content from Red Hat Ansible and Certified Partners. On Ansible Automation Hub, you can discover and manage Ansible Collections which is supported automation content developed by both partners and Red Hat for use cases such as cloud automation, network automation, security automation, and more.

Automation Hub bug fixes

  • Fix "CVE-2021-32052 django: header injection" by moving to django 2.2.23
  • Download collection artifacts from the galaxy apis instead of the pulp content app