Chapter 6. Using the survey editor

When ordering a product in automation services catalog, users may be required to provide additional information to complete the request. This prompt is created by a survey associated with the product. Initially created and edited in Ansible Tower, Catalog Administrators and portfolio users with update permissions can edit the survey in automation services catalog. Once submitted and validated, the surveys pass user-submitted extra variables to the job or workflow template run on Ansible Tower on the execution of an order.

See Surveys in the Ansible Tower User Guide to learn more creating and editing surveys for job templates.

Using the survey properties editor, you can:

  • Set labels, helper text or placeholders to enhance the user experience of users providing information
  • Further restrict existing validation parameters.
  • Change validation messages.
  • Hide, disable or set to read-only chosen fields in the survey.

6.1. Survey properties editor

Values for surveys are defined in Ansible Tower and the automation services catalog properties editor allows Catalog Administrators to restrict survey options, such as adjusting default values and removing items from drop-down menus.

Additionally, use the properties editor to hide, disable, or set a field to read only.


Provide an initial value for any required field set to Hidden or Disabled. This includes read only fields.

6.2. Editing surveys

You can edit fields in the surveys from the product detail view. Edit each field individually using the Properties editor.


The product has an associated survey, created in Ansible Tower.


  1. Click Products.
  2. Locate the product and click on its title.
  3. Click More actions and select Edit survey.
  4. Select a field in the survey. The Properties editor will appear.
  5. Click Properties to view the elements to edit for that field.
  6. Select Validation to configure the validator types used to validate user input.
  7. Click Save when finished.