Chapter 7. Reviewing your Ansible configuration with Automation content navigator

As a content creator, you can review your Ansible configuration with Automation content navigator and interactively delve into settings.

7.1. Reviewing your Ansible configuration from Automation content navigator

You can review your Ansible configuration with the Automation content navigator text-based user interface in interactive mode and delve into the settings. Automation content navigator pulls in the results from an accessible Ansible configuration file, or returns the defaults if no configuration file is present.



  1. Start Automation content navigator

    $ ansible-navigator

    Optional: type ansible-navigator config from the command line to access the Ansible configuration settings.

  2. Review the Ansible configuration.

    Ansible configuration

    Some values reflect settings from within the automation execution environments needed for the automation execution environments to function. These display as non-default settings you cannot set in your Ansible configuration file.

  3. Type the number corresponding to the setting you want to delve into, or type :<number> for numbers greater than 9.

    ANSIBLE COW ACCEPTLIST (current: ['bud-frogs', 'bunny', 'cheese']) (default:
     2│- bud-frogs
     3│- bunny
     4│- cheese
     6│- bud-frogs
     7│- bunny
     8│- cheese
     9│- daemon

The output shows the current setting as well as the default. Note the source in this example is env since the setting comes from the automation execution environments.


  • Review the configuration output.

    Configuration output