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Chapter 3. Publishing an automation execution environment

3.1. Pushing an execution environment container image to automation hub


  • You have execution environment permissions in automation hub allowing you to create new containers or push to an existing container.

A container registry is a repository for storing container images. Once you have built an automation execution environment image, you’ll be ready to push that container image to the registry portion of your instance of automation hub.

With your automation hub URL on hand, run the following command to log in to Podman, substituting your username, password, and automation hub URL:

$ podman login -u=username -p=password automation-hub-url

Once you’re logged in to Podman, run the following command to push your container image to the container registry on automation hub:

$ podman push automation-hub-url/ee-image-name

The automation execution environment image name is specified by the -t argument to the ansible-builder build command. If you did not specify a custom image name using the -t flag, the default image tag is ansible-execution-env:latest.

3.2. Pulling from a protected registry

To pull container images from a password or token-protected registry, create a credential in automation controller:


  1. Navigate to automation controller
  2. In the side-menu bar, click Resources > Credentials.
  3. Click Add to create a new credential.
  4. Supply an authorization URL, username, and password. Click Save.

For more information, please reference the Pulling from Protected Registries section of the Execution Environment documentation.