Chapter 5. Working with platforms, portfolios, and products

This section demonstrates the basic workflows for platforms, portfolios, and products to get started using Automation Services Catalog

We will demonstrate how to:

  • connect to a source platform
  • create portfolios
  • add products from the source platform into the portfolio
  • set approval processes for the portfolio
  • share the portfolio with users

5.1. Adding sources

Sources are the platforms Automation Services Catalog connects to in order to collect inventory information used to organize and present products available to users. To use Automation Services Catalog, you need to connect the application to at least one source.

5.2. Adding Ansible Tower as a source platform

Connect an Ansible Tower instance to Automation Services Catalog to create products from its inventory of playbooks and workflows your users can view and order from.

To begin, we will add an Ansible Tower instance as a source of products.