Part III. Setting approval processes for the portfolio


  1. Navigate to Portfolios.
  2. Click More actions on a portfolio tile and select Set approval.
  3. From the Set approval process drop-down menu, select an approval processes to set to the portfolio.
  4. Click Save.

1. Sharing the portfolio with users

The portfolio is now ready to share with groups of users. These designated user groups can order products collected in the portfolio, and their orders are approved or denied using the approval process set for the portfolio.

To share a portfolio:

  1. Click Portfolios.
  2. Click More actions on a portfolio, then click Share. The icon:[Y] indicates a shared portfolio.
  3. Adding groups:

    1. Under Invite group search groups to share the portfolio with.
    2. Select the level of permissions using the drop-down list.
  4. Edit sharing settings for existing groups:

    1. Under Groups with access adjust permissions using the drop-down for each group.
    2. To stop sharing a portfolio with a group, click icon:[X].
  5. Click Send when finished.

Our portfolio is now accessible to the groups of users, who can order the products we collected in it. We can now duplicate this portfolio, change its name and add new products, to share with different user groups.