Chapter 7. Copying products to different portfolios

You can copy products from one portfolio to another as part of developing new portfolios to meet group needs. Once a product is copied you can edit its basic fields, update its survey, and apply different approval processes.

7.1. Workflows summary

The workflows in this section of the guide demonstrated how to perform the basic actions for platforms, portfolios and products necessary to get started using Automation Services Catalog:

  • add entitlements to access Automation Service Catalog;
  • create the necessary groups and users;
  • connect to a source platform;
  • create portfolios;
  • add products from the source platform into the portfolio;
  • set approval processes for the portfolio;
  • share the portfolio with users;
  • make a copy of our existing portfolio to share with different users;
  • copy products from one portfolio to another.

In the next section, we will describe working with the survey editor, and provide an overview of working with requests and orders.